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Financial Extensions Bundle


Etendo Marketplace: Financial Extensions Bundle


This bundle includes enhancements for Financial Management functionalities in Etendo.



Accounting Templates

Javapackage: com.etendoerp.accounting.templates

This module allows setting a non deductible tax's amount to a specified financial account


For more information, visit the Accounting Templates user guide.

Conversion Rate Downloader

Javapackage: com.smf.currency.conversionrate

This process allows keeping currency conversions up to date by generating conversion ranks automatically with a background process using apilayer.

Currency API Configuration

Javapackage: com.smf.currency.apiconfig

Banking Pool

Javapackage: com.etendoerp.bankingpool

This feature allows entering in the system all the financings the company has. It is possible to exploit the information through the bank pool report.


For more information, visit the Banking Pool user guide and the Banking Pool developer guide.

Business Partner Settlement


This module provides a new document where it is possible to settle debts or credit of business partners that are both customers and providers.

Deferred GL Journal

Javapackage: com.etendoerp.gljournal.advanced

This functionality allows the user to duplicate a journal entry as many times as required, indicating the regularity and the period in which the first copy must be made. Follow the process to create a journal entry from the beginning and duplicate it later.


For more information, visit the Deferred GL Journal user guide.

Financial Advanced Reports


The Balance Sheet and P&L Structure, General Ledger and Journal Entries Advanced reports are an enhanced version of the previous reports including new filters according to the reports accounting dimensions.

Payment Removal

Javapackage: com.etendoerp.payment.removal

Javapackage: com.etendoerp.payment.removal.template

The aim of this functionality is to delete and reactivate payments in an agile and easy way. Also, it allows eliminating and reactivating bank transactions and reconciliations.

The payments to be deleted or reactivated can be found in different statuses: Awaiting execution, Payment made, Payment received, Withdrawn not cleared, Deposited not cleared, Payment cleared (provided that the payment has been reconciled by an automatic method and not by a manual method), Post and Unpost.

The button Remove Payment is available in the Sales Order, Purchase Order, Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Payment In y Payment Out windows.The Reactivate and the Advanced reactivation buttons are only available in the Payment In and Payment Out windows. Finally, the buttons Reactivate Transaction, Remove Transaction, Reactivate Reconciliation and Remove Reconciliation are available in the Financial Account window.


Javapackage: org.openbravo.module.remittance

Javapackage: org.openbravo.module.remittance.template

This functionality allows creating a remittance which is a group of "payments" (in/out) or "orders/invoices" that can be remitted to the bank for its payment. The bank will then manage either the collection of the money from the customers or the payment to the vendors/suppliers.


For more information, visit the Remittances Module user guide.


Javapackage: com.etendoerp.advanced.intercompany

In case the user has to create orders or invoices among two or more organizations that are different but belong to the same client, this functionality allows automatically generating the corresponding inverse document.


For more information, visit the Intercompany Module user guide.

Reverse GL Journal

Javapackage: com.smf.gljournal.reverse

Javapackage: com.smf.gljournal.reverse.template

This functionality is specifically useful for companies that have a month close, instead of an end year close, but with pending payments (in or out). It allows the user to open or close the period without taking into account the payments until they are made.


For more information, visit the GL Journal user guide and the Simple GL Journal user guide.

Asset Amortization Report


The new Amortization report allows downloading excel reports about information on amortization created for a selected year.


For more information, visit the Asset Amortization Report user guide.

Advanced Financial Docs. Processing



This functionality is part of the Financial Extensions Bundle and it is useful when the user needs to reactivate voided invoices (either Sales or Purchase) and closed orders (either Sales or Purchase) as well as amortizations.

Bulk Posting

Javapackage: com.etendoerp.bulk.posting

This functionality allows the user to post or unpost multiple records at the same time.


For more information, visit the Bulk Posting Module user guide.

Advanced Business Partner Settlement

Javapackage: com.etendoerp.advanced.bpsettlement

This functionality allows the user to create settlements for invoices, both sales and purchase, from the Payment In and Payment Out windows. Also a netting can be performed by creating a settlement from a bank reconciliation for credit in / out from the Financial Account window.


For more information, visit: