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Etendo Gradle Plugin


Version Publication Date Status
1.3.2 04/01/2024 CS
1.3.1 15/12/2023 C
1.3.0 12/12/2023 C
1.2.2 20/10/2023 C
1.2.1 18/10/2023 C
1.2.0 17/10/2023 C
1.1.3 31/08/2023 C
1.1.2 31/07/2023 C
1.1.1 10/07/2023 C
1.1.0 30/05/2023 C
1.0.7 05/04/2023 C

Release Notes


  • EML-428 Copilot fails when uses host.docker.internal in Linux Docker


  • EML-421 Copilot dependencies load is fail in Jar format


  • Parametized the image tag, added parameter to avoid image pulling and container name parameter. Added reutilization of container name.
  • Added dynamic tool_deps.toml load.
  • add variables file replacing . with _ to use as environment variables-
  • Removed translation tool.


  • EPL-1054 Bug Fix for copilot translation task. The copilot.translation task should require an -Parg parameter instead of -Ppkg.


  • EPL-1047 Bug Fix for copilot translation task. When the copilot.translate task is executed and API fails, it ends with build successful.



  • EPL-855: Bug fix for compilation of Etendo on Windows, resolving "File name or file extension is too long" error.


  • EPL-818: Bug fix related to duplication of beans.xml entry in the resources when setting etendo-resources as sourceSets.main.resources.srcDirs in the module.


  • EPL-439: Bug fix for compilation of Etendo on Windows, resolving unexpected behavior and errors encountered during the execution of compile.complete
  • EPL-740: Bug fix related to downloading dependencies from Nexus. This fix restores the ability to resolve dependencies from Nexus after migration to GitHub, fixing regression.


  • EPL-597: New features for Github dependency resolution. (Migration bundles to Github)


  • EPL-574: Upgrade Gradle to version 7.3.2 ⚡