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How to report bugs

Template to report bugs


This structure should always be respected to report a bug in Etendo service desk .


Remember to reproduce the error beforehand in a clean environment. Etendo version must be supported Etendo Versions

To report a bug, a standard structure is meant to be followed. This structure is represented in the following template:

  • Error's description Short description of the bug.

  • Steps to reproduce the error Detailed description that can be followed step by step to reproduce the error. It can include screen videos and/or screenshots.

  • Expected behavior Description of the expected behaviour without the bug.

  • Affected Version Version of Etendo in which the error occurs. (Browser & Version - SO & Version)

  • Solution Design (optional) After analyzing the bug, describe how it will be solved and also if necessary, the details of implementation.
  • Other test cases If necessary, add more test cases.
 # Error's description

 # Steps to reproduce the error
 1. <step>
 2. <step>

 # Expected behavior

 # Affected Version

 # Solution Design (optional)

 # Other test cases