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Known Issues

EPL-858 Etendo does not compile with latest version of gradle plugin in JAR format.


Before execute setup tasks in a etendo project in JAR format you must follow the next steps:

On the source path, open build.gradle and locate the 'etendo' block in the file. Inside of it, add the following propertie:

etendo {
    ignoreCoreJarDependency = true

This configuration will allow you to download the source of the project on your local environment. It will be needed for following steps.

Now we need to execute the command that will download the source code:

./gradlew clean
./gradlew expandCore 
If you don't want to change the build.gradle, you can execute the command ./gradlew expandCore and add the flag -PforceExpand=true at the end of it

EE-758 Incorrect BP Settlement Module Functionality with Payment (In/Out) Combination and Credit Usage.


The combination of Payments (In/Out) with credit usage in the Business Partner Settlement module is currently experiencing issues. Incorrect values for amount and credit used may result in financial account discrepancies. We advise against combining credit usage with settlement until this issue is resolved.