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Database Query Generator tool

Javapackage: com.etendoerp.copilot.dbquerytool


This tool allows to ask to Etendo for tables available in the database and the columns of each table. It also allows Copilot to execute SQL queries in the database that are generated by the Assistant.


The tool is included with the SQL Expert installation, see the SQL Expert installation guide for more information.


This tool can be configured in a Copilot App:

  1. Add Database Query Generator tool into the Copilot App configuration, that you want to use the tool. Go to Copilot App window, pick the App and add the tool to the App in the Tools tab.

  2. Re-Sync the Copilot App running Sync OpenAI Assistant process to get the tool available in the Copilot App.

  3. Check that the role of the user has permissions to use Secure Web Services in the Role Window. role configuration

  4. Check that the WebHook DBQueryExec is enabled and has the Role Access configured for the role. Example for F&B International Group Admin: DBQueryExec WebHook configuration

  5. Check that the ETENDO_HOST is configured in the file.

  6. Can you check if the tool is available for the Assistant, asking for it.

    DBQueryGenerator tool


For security and data segmentation:

  • The tables instrospection is limited for the readable tables of the user.

  • The tool automatically parses the doSecurityCheck(entity) with the conditions for a correct access to the Readable Client and Organization, for example: doSecurityCheck(inv) for Invoices, is converted to

inv.ad_client_id IN ('23C59575B9CF467C9620760EB255B389','0')  AND inv.ad_org_id IN ('0','E443A31992CB4635AFCAEABE7183CE85','B843C30461EA4501935CB1D125C9C25A','BAE22373FEBE4CCCA24517E23F0C8A48','DC206C91AA6A4897B44DA897936E0EC3','2E60544D37534C0B89E765FE29BC0B43','19404EAD144C49A0AF37D54377CF452D','7BABA5FF80494CAFA54DEBD22EC46F01')