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Explore and Experiment with Live Builds in Etendo Classic

Are you eager to test in the Etendo Classic environment?

The Live Builds section offers you a versatile platform to test new concepts, innovative solutions and analyze the behavior of Etendo projects in real time. Whether you are fine-tuning the efficiency of your application or exploring new features, Live Builds is your ally for meaningful testing.

Step into a world of exploration using either Postgres or Oracle as database managers.

This page holds live testing instances. These live builds are updated and reset once per day at 03:30 UTC.

Etendo 23.4.0 - Supported Bundles Installed - Postgres 14

Etendo 23.4.0 - Supported Bundles Installed - Oracle 19


If you need to test on Oracle, please feel free to contact us.


The default access credentials are:
Username: admin
Password: admin