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Getting Started


Etendo Mobile is a mobile app that provides access to the Etendo Classic in a fast and practical way via mobile devices.

The app it is available in Play Store and the download site can be accessed through Download the App here.

The app it is available in App Store and the download site can be accessed through Download the App here.


Initial Configuration

To use the app, the user must access the Etendo Classic under the role “System Administrator” and generate a token in Client>Secure Web Service Configuration clicking generate key..

Server URL

Once the app is downloaded, the first step will be setting up the Etendo server URL.

For this, click the "Add new Link" button in Settings, enter the URL and click "Add new Link" again. Then, the URL will be shown in the “List of added URLs”.

In here, required URLs can be added, modified or removed.

Log In

Once the server URL is configured, the user must log in entering the user and the password assigned by the system administrator.

The user will remain logged in, the system will require reentering the credentials only in case the session is ended (through the option Log out in the navigation menu) or the server URL is changed.

Etendo Mobile offers the possibility to connect to a demo server to test the app. In this case, the “demo try” button must be pressed and the user can enter without credential requirements.

The gear icon shown in the welcome window allows the user to enter the configuration window. (See Settings window).