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Upgrading to Openbravo 21Q3.2


This guide explains how to upgrade your current Openbravo environment to version 21Q3.2. This involves two main steps:

  • Identify and extract custom patches made to your current version of Openbravo
  • Upgrade to Openbravo 21Q3.2


This upgrade is required in order to migrate Openbravo to Etendo.

How to upgrade to Openbravo 21Q3.2


  • Git
  • A diffing/merging tool if patches need to be generated

Identify and extract custom patches made to your current version of Openbravo

  1. Clone core repository in the new version

    git clone --depth 1 --branch YOURVERSIONTAG


    Replace YOURVERSIONTAG tag with your current Openbravo version, e.g.: 3.0PR19Q4

  2. Identify patches applied to core in current installation, to be re-applied later:

  3. Use a diffing tool like Meld or Kdiff3 to compare the differences between your environment and the standard Openbravo you just cloned.

  4. Extract custom patches (avoid generating patches for changes that are bugfixes, since they should be included in the new version).

Upgrade to Openbravo 21Q3.2

  1. Clone core repository in the new version:

    git clone --depth 1 --branch 3.0PR21Q3.2
  2. Configure and other files to match your current installation.

  3. Copy all modules from your previous installation to the new environment.
  4. Apply patches extracted on previous steps (they may need to be adapted to the new version).
  5. Do a full compilation:

    ant update.database compile.complete.deploy
  6. Fix problems with custom modules.


    Check Openbravo’s Release Notes for API changes and other considerations when upgrading.

  7. Start server.

  8. Test for functional or runtime errors and fix them.


Your environment is ready to be migrated to Etendo.

Check the Migration Tool’s guide.