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Release date: March 15, 2022

Pack version: 22.1.0

New platform features

Now you can see the details, scope and documentation in the link below.

  • EPL-3 JARs format supported in Core and Modules.
  • EPL-195 Landscape balance sheet and profit & loss and only with headings.

Fixed issues

You can see all the details page in this link or choose one of the following:

  • EPL-50 Property Fields are executing callouts when they should not.
  • EPL-56 Error when trying to unpost a document with no accounting lines.
  • EPL-72 Some configuration files are overwritten after expanding Core Version.
  • EPL-73 Old sequences are used instead of the new ones generated.
  • EPL-91 Transactionality is not guaranteed when modifying the document type.
  • EPL-94 The sequence preview is not masked correctly.
  • EPL-97 Post button gets the message "Error" when it should indicate "Document Disabled" when posting a payment/collection.
  • EPL-98 Unexpected error with the Etendo logo and Etendo favicon.
  • EPL-109 When a translation version module is updated, the changes are not applied.
  • EPL-118 Filter nexus credentials in Setup task.
  • EPL-119 Delete ad_error_log from the compilation tasks.
  • EPL-192 Accounting status field is editable
  • EPL-193 The 'Posted' column has no default value.
  • EPL-220 buildValidations and moduleScript classes missing in modules_core