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Release date: 27/05/2022

Pack version: 21.4.5

Fixed issues


Property Field are executing callouts when they should not

Issue Description When there is a property field defined for certain window, the callout of the referenced field gets executed. This is wrong. For example, defining a property field in the Sales Invoice window referencing a field of the Sales Order window, will execute a Sales Order callout, an it will likely fail with an exception.

Solution Design Apply the attached patch. FormInitializationComponent should be making a special consideration when determining which fields have a callout, by checking if the current field is a property field or not.


Error when trying to unpost a document with no accounting lines

Issue Description When trying to unpost a document that did not generate any accounting lines (fact_acct records), an error is raised.

An example of a document that does not have any accounting lines after being posted, is of a Goods Shipment without price (in its related Sales Order).

Solution Design

The root issue is a null pointer exception in the ResetAccounting class. The Posted class will try to select the organization and client of the accounting records, and given that there are none, the values are sorted as empty strings. This leads to the NullPointerException down the line.

Either class should check their input so that the exception is not raised, but the document should also be left as Posted = 'N' without errors facing the user.


Accounting status column gets the message "Error" when it should indicate "Document Disabled" when posting a payment/collection.

Error's description: When trying to post a Collection, being disabled for accounting the table fin_payment, it remains in 'Error', when it should be in 'Document disabled' (image albastar error). According to the log, the error is in the module (log image is attached).

Steps to reproduce the error: 1. Disable accounting for the Fin_Payment table 2. Create a payment in/payment out, complete it and then post it.

Expected behaviour: When accounting is not enabled for that window in the posting button, after an attempt is made to post it should show as "Document Disabled".

Affected Version: Etendo 21Q4


When update a translation version module, the changes aren't applied

Error's description If changes were made to an installed module, these changes are not applied when an update.database is run.

Steps to reproduce the error 1. Install a translation module, e.g.

moduleDeps ('com.etendoerp:quotation.es_ES:latest.release@zip'){ transitive = true}
  1. Make a some change in this module and change the version in AD_MODULE.xml

  2. Run ./gradlew update.database smartbuild

  3. Verify that change are not applied

Expected behaviour The change has been applied

Affected Version Etendo 21Q4.1


buildValidations and moduleScript classes missing in modules_core

Description of the error The buildValidation and modulesScript of the modules_core are not being distributed in the core.

Steps to reproduce the error Run update.database

Expected behaviour The buildValidationsand modulesScript cases are found in the project and executed.

Affected version Etendo 21Q4

Solution design Compile the buildValidations and mosduleScript and add them to the core repository.