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Release date: 10/03/2022

Pack version: 21.4.2

Fixed issues


Accounting status field is editable

Error's description: Etendo has the new functionality of the 'Accounting Status' field which details the accounting status of the records. Currently, it is editable by the user and should be in read-only mode. It is visible in the c_invoice, m_inout, fin_payment, m_inventory and fin_finacc_transaction tables.

Steps to reproduce the error

Go to 'Sales Invoice' window Open a record in form mode Verify that 'Accounting Status' is editable Expected behavior The 'Accounting status' field must be read-only.

Affected Version Etendo 21Q4.1


The 'Posted' column has no default value

Error's description: In the ‘M_Inventory’ and ‘M_InOut’ tables, the 'Posted' column has no default value set.

Steps to reproduce the error

Login as ‘System administrator’ Go to 'Tables and Columns' Select 'M_InOut' table Verify that 'Posted' column has not defaulted value Go to 'Reference' Open 'ALL_ACCOUNTING STATUS' Sort 'LIST REFERENCE' alphabetically Verify that the first value is 'Cost Not Calculated' Login as 'F&B International Group Admin' Go to 'Goods Shipment' Create a new Good Shipment Verify that the value of the 'Accounting Status' field is 'Cost Not Calculated'. Expected behavior The 'Accounting Status' field must have a default value.

Affected Version Etendo 21Q4.1