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Release date: December 13, 2021

Pack version: 21.4.0

New functionalities

[ERP-635] Fix AllQuickAntTaskTests test suite

[ERP-576] Define initializator for database acces for Spock Test

[ERP-574] Transactional Sequencte Tests implementation

[ERP-557] Develop the process to create sequences

[ERP-520] Proof of concept legacy code injection

[ERP-500] New Sequence Implementation Tests

[ERP-497] DB Sequences must be exportables and being able to install when installing a module

[ERP-496] Implement Masking and regex logic

[ERP-495] Non Transactional Sequence Implementation

[ERP-494] Transactional Sequence Implementation

[ERP-493] Check new sequence generation performance

[ERP-490] Ensure new sequence is compatible with the current AD_SEQUENCE approach

[ERP-489]Implement Sequence Reference in Application Dictionary

[ERP-488] Implement new sequences architecture in Java

[ERP-471] Define a new mechanism to handle sequenced columns

[ERP-461] HBM files creation on compile time

[ERP-447] Create role for k8s with limited resources

[ERP-431] Implement tests infrastructure for gradle plugin tasks

[ERP-424] Cluster-aware process execution

[ERP-422] Create Task in gradle to generate Nexus users from csv file.

[ERP-408] Gradle task for change deployment from mvn to gradle

[ERP-369] Massive post/unpost docs

[ERP-367] Use Tomcat redis instead of local cache

[ERP-366] Fix login cloud instances in cluster implementations

[ERP-364]Implement health checks (kubernete)

[ERP-362] Add parameters for core and plugin version in etendo docker images for testing

[ERP-345] Create task in gradle to check that all basic compile files are available

[ERP-338] expandCore/expandModules reset flag

[ERP-314] Etendo legacy skin

[ERP-277]Kubernetes Ready

[ERP-274]Test if skin modules are compatible with default changed ui

[ERP-266] Refactor jobs separating functionality and architecture in different modules

[ERP-249] Modules directory: modules_core, modules (custom)

[ERP-235] Update license restrictions file with new signature

[ERP-228] Update Jenkins deployment pipeline to support deploying modules via Gradle

[ERP-226] Migrate Core repository to Gradle based deployment

[ERP-225] Support core version change from user's build.gradle when using etendo.gradle plugin

[ERP-223] New skin design

[ERP-212] Gradle tomcat deployment

[ERP-210] Mechanism to use public jars rather than local jars (For new libs dependencies)

[ERP-181] Replace all references of Openbravo keywords

[ERP-143] support ant log level in gradle (etendo core)

[ERP-138] Verify Gradle dependency resolution and module expansion

[ERP-121] Alert to send Host and instance purpose when sending e-mail

[ERP-114] Apply patches with improvements to core

[ERP-84] Massive SI Creation

[ERP-83] Massive SO Send

[ERP-82] Massive PO Closing

[ERP-64] Introduce gitflow to repository

[ERP-54] Test infrastructure

[ERP-29] Process Invoice Action

[ERP-27] Massive record cloning

[ERP-26] Grid summary functions dynamically calculated when selecting records

[ERP-21] CI and demo environment

[ERP-10] General Backend (Entities, classes, API)

Sub Tasks

[ERP-252] Publish jar task

[ERP-234] Task declareModule

[ERP-231] New default skin

[ERP-229] Login HTML page should have CSS and Fonts as local resources

[ERP-224] New login page

[ERP-221] remove modules to normalize

[ERP-220] Modify dependencies in build.gradle

[ERP-216] Credits Section in Login Page

[ERP-215] Gradle request to nexus to check if the module exist in own repository

[ERP-213] Remove mvn requirement to publish modules

[ERP-208] Check API to see if the module already exists

[ERP-207] Ask for Nexus credentials

[ERP-201] Deploy in nexus

[ERP-198] Check if pom.xml and assembly.xml files exist in a module directory

[ERP-183] Add a mechanism to download the latest compiled version

[ERP-182] Replace all logos and images with Etendo logos and new placeholders

[ERP-175] Update server build.gradle

[ERP-172] Create etendo gradle plugin

[ERP-170] Set configuration parameters from original file.

[ERP-169] Nexus security - gradle interaction

[ERP-160] Gradle read dependencies from external file

[ERP-150] Synchronize module list between service

[ERP-149] Metadata analyze and decide what to do in client and server.

[ERP-141] Show Etendo logo in login page

[ERP-118] Upgrade core to 20Q2

[ERP-117] Deploy modules to nexus

[ERP-110] Deploy modules to nexus repository

[ERP-109] Upgrade modules to a 20Q1 compatible version

[ERP-105] Configure Nexus Repo

[ERP-88] Permissions

[ERP-86] Fix Legacy Test failures

[ERP-85] Killable Implementation

[ERP-71] Manual Testing

[ERP-66] Test definition

[ERP-52] Test and fixes

[ERP-51] Expo Eject

[ERP-50] Functional Documentation

[ERP-49] Technical Documentation

[ERP-48] User Manual

[ERP-43] Set up ERP server with the stack

[ERP-41] Main implementation

[ERP-40] Implement Tests

Fixed issues


[ERP-601] Gradle freeze on intellij on windows

[ERP-562] The accounting process of goods shipment does not use the custom class of the project, but the etendo class.

[ERP-561] Error in displaying error message in the accounting process in the goods shipment window

[ERP-487] AttachImplementationManager process fails to update/save metadata of type OBUISEL_Selector

[ERP-473] Process Orders pop up fails when record is opened from the "Recent Documents" menu

[ERP-455] Wrong gradle settings

[ERP-444] Change URL / Link on Etendo Logo

[ERP-440] Mixed request content broke manual windows

[ERP-405] Complete/Reactivate process does not show result message when being executed from a child tab.

[ERP-404] Improve Address handling when creating an Invoice from a Goods Shipment

[ERP-385] export.config.script does not include modules_core

[ERP-378] Sales Quotation has no document action when status is under evaluation

[ERP-370] XSS Attack

[ERP-281] Wrong translation in Show grid + form tooltip

[ERP-204] Checkbox need 2 clicks to be checked or unchecked

[ERP-200] Sales Order Default action is not correct

[ERP-87] Fix Menu Tree not available

Internal Bug

[ERP-556] Mask Formatter truncates input when it overflows the mask

[ERP-486] Rich field text area error

[ERP-436] registerModule task does not use credentials when stored in

[ERP-428] Set correct core version in AD_MODULE.XML

[ERP-423] Gradle setup task does not replace settings

[ERP-376] registerModule Task: Return an OK status when nexus privilege already exists

[ERP-344] ERP Change favicon with the one in the web

[ERP-315] javascript error when login after merged massive jobs refactor

[ERP-269] CI / CD Jenkins automation - Dockerize core