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Platform Extensions Bundle

Javapackage: com.etendoerp.platform.extensions

Etendo Marketplace: Platform Extensions Bundle


This bundle includes enhancements for Platform functionalities in Etendo.



Javapackage: com.etendoerp.printdocumentws


It allows downloading a PDF from some transaction documents using a web service and returning a PDF with the order, invoice or delivery note. This is useful for companies that use third party applications and require to make printables accessible from those applications.


For more information, visit the Print Document Web Service developer guide.

Number To Word (English)

Javapackage: org.openbravo.numbertoword_en

Javapackage: org.openbravo.numbertoword

It provides the infrastructure to convert a number into its equivalent in words. This functionality is especially useful while printing checks.


Javapackage: org.openbravo.util.javax.xml.soap

This module provides SOAP with Attachments API for Java (SAAJ), which was part of JDK until 10. Starting from JDK 11, it was removed, which makes this module required as a dependency for those modules making use of it in order to be able to compile in JDK11+.


For more information, visit the Javax XML SOAP API developer guide.

Report Cache Management

Javapackage: com.exos.erp.reportcachemanagement

This module allows changing or updating a Jasper Report in an Etendo environment without stopping the server.


For more information, visit Clear Report Cache user guide and the Clear Report Cache developer guide.

Etendo Advanced Security



Etendo Advanced Security allows extending and enhancing some of the security features of the system.


For more information, visit the Etendo Advanced Security user guide and read the Etendo Advanced Security developer guide.

Dynamic App


Dynamic App allows you to create sub applications in Etendo Mobile.


For more information, visit the Dynamic App user guide

EAN 128

Javapackage: com.smf.ean128

EAN 128 allows to use bar code in your application


For more information, visit the EAN 128 developer guide.

Etendo RX

Javapackage: com.etendoerp.etendorx

Etendo Reactor

Javapackage: com.etendoerp.reactor

Webhook Events

Javapackage: com.etendoerp.webhookevents

Etendo Async Processes

Javapackage: com.etendoerp.asyncprocess

This work is a derivative of "Multibpselector/Programmers Guide", "Number To Word" by Openbravo Wiki, used under CC BY-SA 2.5 ES. This work is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 by Etendo.